About Us

We are Iva and Thiviyan 👋

Lockdown during 2020 definitely inspired us to get more creative in the kitchen. We became so obsessed with oats that months & months were spent creating oat everything - oat milk, oat flour, oat cookies, oat crust pizza’s, etc.Then one day we thought,  how about we try and make an oat butter?

We roasted some granola, blended it in our Vitamix and that’s how granola butter was born. The first few attempts of making granola butter weren’t great but were good enough to give us hope that we could create a product that the current market was missing - the first spreadable granola in the UK.

Months and months have been spent working and fine tuning the recipe until Boom! We created the tastiest product possible and now we are bringing it to you.

Oat Avenue was created to explore the many joys of OATS! Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Iva & Thiviyan